Delhi Major's wife murder case solved
Delhi Major's wife murder case solved

The case of killing Major's wife in Delhi has been solved. Surprisingly, a major has been arrested in the case of murder. The reason behind the murder is being described as a love affair. Police have arrested Major Nikhil Handa, accused of murder, from Meerut for the murder of Shailja Dwivedi, wife of one of the second Major Amit Dwivedi. 

According to the police, Major Handa was roaming in Delhi and NCR with his Honda City car after the execution on Saturday afternoon and repeatedly changed its location, but finally, he was caught on Sunday afternoon from the Meerut Cant. area. According to the police, the murder was done under full planning. DCP Vijay Kumar of West Delhi said that several knives have been found in Handa's car, so it is clear that he had already planned the murder. 

Major Handa is a resident of Saket in Delhi. Her father is an officer in Navy. Right now, Nikhil's deployment is in Dimapur in Nagaland. Until 2 months ago Major Amit Dwivedi and his wife Shelaja Dwivedi were also in Dimapur. Major Amit and Major Nikhil were both good friends. According to police sources, there was the friendship between Nikhil and Shailja. Shailja has also been Misses India Earth Finalists in 2017. She was also fond of modeling. After doing MTech, she also worked as a professor in a university and is also associated with an NGO. According to sources, at around 10 am on Saturday morning, Major Handa took Shailja in his car from the Base Hospital of the Army. 

Nikhil was seen for the last time with Shaalja in the base hospital. According to the police, there was so much attachment for Shailja inside Nikhil that she used to call him more than a normal person. He came to Delhi on June 2 from Dimapur and came to the base hospital on the pretext of getting treatment for a migraine. He was insisting on marrying Shailja and when Selja refused, he killed her. 

DCP Vijay Kumar of West Delhi informed that Nikhil used to call Shailja continuously. He wanted to marry him, but Shailja was not ready so he killed her. He made more than 3000 to Shailja, a report revealed. Handa was in contact with three other women, who can be called for questioning. There was not a good relationship with Handa's wife. Handa had kept a big knife and a Swiss knife with him. The police also received blood mark on the swiss knife.

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