Google together with Elon Musk planning for open their AI Platforms for general public
Google together with Elon Musk planning for open their AI Platforms for general public

For other researchers and general public, Alphabet Inc.'s artificial intelligence division Google DeepMind are open from now. This platform is maze-like game and many of its experiments are available for them. The entire source code is put by the DeepMind on the platform for creating the training environment named as Labyrinth. This name is changed with DeepMind Lab.  This is open on the famous source depository GitHub accouding to the Company. This Information is provided by the company  on Monday.

Everyone who wants to train their own artificial intelligence systems, can downlaod and edit the code according to their own requirement.  If someone want to create a new game level for the current game, can create the level and uplaod the same on GitHub.

The decision to make this AI test bed available to the public is further evidence of DeepMind's decision to embrace more openness around its research. Last month, the company announced a partnership with Activision Blizzard Inc. to turn the popular video game Starcraft II into a testbed for any artificial intelligence researcher who wanted to try to create an AI system that could master the complex game.

“Putting its Lab code on GitHub will allow other researchers to see if its developer's own breakthroughs can be replicated and will allow these scientists to measure the performance of their own AI agents on the exact same tests DeepMind uses,” one of the company's co-founders, Shane Legg, said in an interview. "They can try to beat our results if they want," he said.

Hopefully this step will make a great game changer for the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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