Grab The New Bajaj Car At Just Rs. 60,000

The car has been out of reach of the common man till now but every common man has a desire that he has a car. Due to the heavy cost of these cars, the common man can not buy it. But we have a great news for you, a car is available in the price of a nominal bike, you might not believe it. But let us tell you that it is currently being heard that Bajaj has launched its new car which has been valued at just Rs 60,000.

Bajaj presented the concept of this car in Delhi in 2008 at  Auto Expo for the first time. At that time it was estimated that the car will be launched in 2011-12 and its cost will be up to 1.3 lakh rupees. If you talk about the car's specialty, its mileage is 35 km. Not only this, there is also an automatic gearbox in the car. However, the company had launched this car in 2012. And that time its name was RE60. 

The name of this car was changed by the name as Qute and not only did the company give it the name of a quadricycle, not a car. Its maximum speed is 70 kph with this, the car length is 2,752 mm. There is a rumor in the market that the price of the car is 60 thousand rupees and its booking has started. 

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