Here Is The Way To Know How Long You Will Live

Perhaps you will be surprised by the fact that how can we know about our surviving age, but recent researchers have discovered a technique by which you can know about your surviving age. In this technique, based on an analysis of the image of the organs by the Artificial Intelligence Program, 69 percent accurate estimates can be made, in which a sick person can know about the survival age.

According to information from the journal Scientific report, the team of researchers analysed the clinical images of the chest of 48 patients with the help of Artificial Intelligence. In this computer-based analysis, with 69 per cent accuracy, it was estimated that the patient would die within five years.

Regarding this, radiologist Rainer of the Adelaide University of Australia says that predictions about the future of the patient can be useful for doctors and be able to make the patient's treatment effective. This technique will also help in the treatment of any type of disease.

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