How to know your boyfriend is a Womanizer or not?

Dating is very common nowadays, but when the wrong thing is known about the partner, then the heart is broken. If you want to keep an eye on some details, you may find out whether your partner is a Womanizer or not. Before coming into a relationship, think of whether he is worthy of your love or not.

The first thing you should know is his image at the workplace and with the friends. If you have any information, instead of taking it lightly, find out the whole thing. If he insists on meeting you everyday, be careful he may deceive you. Womanizer boys believe in moving forward because they need something new every second. If your partner is very romantic every moment, then check it out.

Romance more than an extent is a threat. When the boy is alone or with someone, see how he watches the other girls and how to spy on them. Those boys who become very truthful, check them once, in this case, you keep your eyes open.

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