If your married life is not happy then try These remedies

Nov 10 2018 01:12 PM
If your married life is not happy then try These  remedies

It is a clever decision when we try to make out our planetary positions in our birth chart and then work accordingly. It is essential to classify which is a good or bad planet and their positions with the help of an astrologer also the astrologers may help us to recognize the way in which the planets are going to affect our life.

Some of the common astro remedies suggested by experts are:

- It is always good to begin a day or any auspicious work by eating some sweet and then drinking water. - Drinking of water is also good before stepping out from home.

- Donating jaggery and wheat and immersing copper coin in flowing water like a river or a stream is also good

. If married life is not happy and also there will be lot of financial crisis Donation of cows and also feed the cow before we eat is good.

– Donation of ghee, camphor, curd and white pearl is also good to wipe out all kind of problems.


Having positive thoughts and respect the work as well as elders also helps to give relief from may kind of dilemma.


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