Iran Parliament Strikes To Click A Photograph With This Woman

Iran: A Stampede Strikes in Iran's Parliament. Actually, this stampede just took a photo to draw. This incident embarrassed the country. According to the information received, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, while handling the charge, went to Mogorini Wahain of the European Union, to join the ceremony.

This woman had to wear a green and white scarf on her head. Iranian MPs ran towards him. It is clear from the kind of photographs that the MPs besieged them to take Selfie along with Federica Mogerini. 

According to the information received, news agency informed that the running of MPs extremely dangerous. MPs can be taken to the court to take contempt of Parliament for taking photographs.

This case was tweeted on Twitter. Comparison of photos is done with filming. Actually, a scene was filmed in this. In which the heroes of Monica Bellucci compete in a crowd of men to burn cigarettes. The Italian film was released in 2000.

This photo was compared to the story of Snowwight and the 7 Dwarves. In this matter, President's Cultural Advisor Hesam Asheena said that this thing is not political, it is a cultural problem. 

It is said so far that since the posting itself, Federico Mogriri has been engaged in efforts to build closer ties between the European Union and Iran.

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