Keep Silver elephant in home for prosperity
Keep Silver elephant in home for prosperity

In our theology, the elephant is considered very holy, it is believed that the elephant is a symbol of Lord Ganesha. 

If you keep an elephant made of silver in your house or shop, then it can remove many problems of your life. And at the same time, this elephant can turn your misfortune into fortune and keep it in the house, it becomes the sum of monetary benefits. Can.

1. In the Vastu Shastra, the silver elephant is considered very important, keeping the silver elephant in the house according to Vastu, positivity comes in the house and with the influence of elephants, all the negativity of the house is removed.

2. If you want to succeed in your business, keep a silver-edged elephant in your office; doing so, mother Lakshmi is pleased and you get success in your work.

3. If you keep a silver elephant in the north of your house, then this can be an economic benefit to you.

4. Keeping the silver elephant in the locker of the house helps in keeping Laxmi in the home.

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