Know The Perks Of Buying Helmets With ISI Mark

Frequent road accidents in India have increased due to many reasons. The very main reason is not wearing helmets. These days, when buying two-wheelers in the market, helmets are also very compulsory. 

Any two-wheeler will not sell without a helmet, the move from the government is commendable. But many people still like to buy fake helmets to avoid invoicing because such helmets are cheap but these helmets can save you from the invoice but they will not be able to save you from an accident. 

Prefer good brands like Stilbard, Studs, LS Aroostar, Wrangler but the best helmet is of Steebard. 

Rajeev Kapoor, the country's helmet manufacturer, Steelebard's MD, says that always buy ISI mark helmets, not buy fake helmets at all. There is nothing more than your life. Creating fake helmets is a kind of crime. So, wear only the original ISI mark helmets.

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