Know facing which direction we should sit and work
Know facing which direction we should sit and work

Directions have great significance in our lives, every direction affects our life in some form. The vision is full of special energy. In Vastu too, there have been many points related to the direction. Vaastu has been told that directions can also cause our success-failure.Today we are going to tell you some important points related to the direction,

1- Whenever you work in your office, your mouth should always be on the north side. Work towards this direction gives you success in your work.

2- If you are a student, always keep your mouth towards the east direction while doing it, by doing so the knowledge increases.

3- Whenever you sit to worship at the temple of your house then your face should be towards the west direction, it is auspicious to do it. If it is not possible to sit facing towards the west direction then you should worship towards the east direction and pray Can have.

4- The food should always be made by mouth towards the north east direction

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