Let’s welcome this New Year with Some Very diverse rituals and culture around the globe

Dec 07 2017 03:40 PM
Let’s welcome this New Year with Some Very diverse rituals and culture around the globe

The Whole world is waiting for 2018. This is the time when whole world unites together for big celebration.  Though every country have their own way to celebrate New Year time we should come to know diffrent tradition. It would be nice to take a look at some of the most interesting traditions from across the world. These traditions vary from place to place, and are definitely some of most interesting ones that you can come across. New Year parties across the world define the coming of a New Year, as people come out in hoards to celebrate the passing of all things old and welcoming the new. Herein we shall take a quick look at the interesting New Year traditions that define communities and cultures across the world.

 Samash Plates with Denmark

Denmark redefines the idea of a unique New Year celebration where they simply smash plates. Yes, you read that right. While most countries host New Year parties to spend quality time with friends and family, in Denmark you are required to pick up your unwanted crockery and smash them against the front doors of your friend’s door. Your popularity will reflect on the heap on your doorstep.

China with Red Envelop

The Chinese New Year is a much-celebrated event, which is colourful and exciting. Here in China, you can partake in the many traditions of Chinese New Year. One particular tradition is handing out cash in red envelopes. Elders usually hand out various sums of money to the young people in red envelopes. Yet another tradition here is bursting firecrackers that burst aloud. It is believed that the sound and fire can ward off evil spirits.

 Ring the Bell In Buddhist Temple with Japan

The Japanese have their own unique set of traditions of course when it comes to New Year celebrations. New Year’s Eve is also known as Omisoka, and the tradition is ringing bells in Buddhist temples, and that too exactly 108 times. The reason for 108 is that this is the number of human desires, which means the causes of suffering. Thus, this could take away all negative emotions, and the best place to go to is Zojoji Temple in Tokyo.

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