Mira Rajput is a self-assured, says her husband Shahid
Mira Rajput is a self-assured, says her husband Shahid

Shahid Kapoor is doing great both in his personal life and professional too. Recently, the actor talks openly about his marriage and wife.

Shahid says what things connect them the most, "We could speak very easily. So, I thought we could be friends in spite of not having anything in common. We were able to connect as people. It felt easy, nice and normal. I found her to be self-assured and not at all affected by the fact that I am an actor."

Marriage brings changes to life, "Marriage changes you for sure. Jab tak insaan samajhta hai ki mujhme kya kya change hua hai, it’s too late to go back," the actor said.

The Rangoon actor also talked about the changing dynamics of Film Industry, "The words male and female have become irrelevant. I think we have crossed that stage where was important to discuss. We have reached a point where is naturally changing in the right direction. Women had a raw deal for quite a few years. I've grown up learning to respect talent and professionalism, and that has nothing to do with being male or female. I’m glad that good actors are being empowered today."

He said, "The latest generation of actors know how to promote themselves. I don’t think the previous generation had that skill. It is a skill we are learning from them." 

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