Miss India 2018 considers herself to be a Tomboy
Miss India 2018 considers herself to be a Tomboy

Miss India World, who is working for the education of transgenders, feels that the only mother who has raised by her has always taught her to do every work with a smile. Anukreethy Vas (19) thinks it is challenging to grow in the protection of a single mother, but she has been moving forward due to her being strong in every situation. Vas's mother Seleena Prasad works in an IT company. In the praise of the mother, Anukriti says, "She inspired me in every way and he has been a great model." 

She said, "I have never seen her disappointed, she had many problems in front of herself, but she never disclosed those problems in front of me, it gave me inspiration. If anything ever happens inside me, I did not disclose to the person, because I think a smile gives energy to the person in front. I have learned this from my mother. "

According to Anukreethy, "My challenges had started from the school because I had not come from any city, I studied in Trichy (Tiruchirapalli), which is not such a big city but I am very strong because my mother taught me so. She never used to be weak, she used to say, You are a strong person, how can you cry? And this way she inspired me."

Anukreethy is currently pursuing graduate studies in Loyola College, Chennai in the French language. She is also the state-level athlete, she wants to become a supermodel. Her strong faith in destiny keeps her confident all the time. Anukreethy calls herself a Tomboy and she likes to ride bikes. But more than that, she is now working to educate transgenders.

She said, "I am working for the education of transgenders, my friend from the school time was a transgender and her family had left her because of this I had to comprehend this issue. Working with NGOs, I am collaborating with the education of their children."

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar crowned them at the ceremony Meenakshi Chaudhary of Haryana was the first runner-up and Shreya Rao of Andhra Pradesh was on the second runner-up. 

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