Motivational Quotes By Multi-talented Personality - Priya Kumar
Motivational Quotes By Multi-talented Personality - Priya Kumar

A professional and motivational speaker, Priya Kumar was awarded the Woman Leader award in India, writer’s category. She is also a corporate trainer, columnist for The Financial Express and The Economic Times, radio jockey and author of books such as I Am Another you, License to Live, The Perfect World, Thinking Aloud and The Inspiring Journey of a Hero.

Some of the lines from the wide collection of Priya Kumar

#“We are here for a reason, but we land up pursuing something else, and end up having something completely different, which we never intended to start with.”

#“Why don’t relationships last? Relationships don’t last, purposes do. As long as the people involved serve their purpose of being in a relationship, the relationship will continue to grow. When people’s purposes drift apart, so does the relationship.”

#“Sometimes a problem extends so far from the source that one can no longer connect the dots and reach back to the root of the problem. When a problem shows up, it is definitely solvable, but when it is ignored long enough, its multiplication from different angles leaves no visible solution anymore.”

#“when you turn away from your purpose, you fall prey to all the distractions of the world.”


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