Must watch Indian web series;don't miss it GIRLS !
Must watch Indian web series;don't miss it GIRLS !

Today's youth are more interested in watching web series than tv series. They find it more connected to these series as they meant to youth and their life styles. We bring you 10 amazing web series one should watch.

1. Girl In The City: Meera is the protagonist of this series who moves to Mumbai to do what she’s always dreamed of doing and how she gets it.

2. Man’s World: In this series, man's life is swapped by woman's and what will be its effect to their lives.

3. Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa:This series is funny and sarcastic as well and shows the lack of sex education in society. 

4. Not Fit:This series shows the struggle of an actor. Well appreciated by media also.

5. Permanent Roommates:Personally says an awesome series. It describes the long distance relationship and their impact on lives if two.

6. Tripling:It's about three siblings and their adventures road trip.

7. Confessions: It’s Complicated:This series is about three lost girls who find friendship, love for themselves in each other.

8. Bang Baaja Baaraat:The duo meet through a popular dating site and soon fell in love. And the issue began as their communities are different. 

9. The ‘Other’ Love Story:In this series, two girls fall for each other and there began their struggle to be together.

10. Shaadi Boys:This series is all about shadi, drama, naach, gana and sex !

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