Planning to holiday? Visit this beautiful village of Himachal Pradesh

May 30 2017 01:43 PM
Planning to holiday? Visit this beautiful village of Himachal Pradesh
If there is a plan to go around, then there are so many beautiful places in India. Well, India is full of natural scenes. The mountains surrounded by snow, green grass, and the views of the rivers are no less than heaven.
The Chittakul (Chithkul) village on the Indo-Tibet border is such a place where nature is fully merged. Situated at an altitude of about 3450 meters, the village is situated near the river Baspa in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh.
- Rakkham mountain
The Rakkham mountain is situated on a very high elevation. One can see grasslands near rivers that eventually merges into Basps river.
- Special for tracking
People who love to track the mountains, the place is very special for them. People from all over the world come here for tracking.
- There are three temples of Mathi Devi in this village which have become a tourist attraction.
- It is also called Crown of Kinnaur district. This village is very beautiful, about 250 km from Himachal Pradesh's capital Shimla.
- Haatu Temple
After walking around 400 meters on foot, there is a hot crop at Narkanda Hill Station. This temple is made of wood. People believe that this temple is of Ravana's wife, Mandodari.
- Dangerous roads
This area has some of the world's most dangerous roads, which is a challenge for drivers.


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