Political War “Former PM exposed Current PM”

Dec 07 2017 04:06 PM
Political War “Former PM exposed Current PM”


Former PM Dr Manmohan Singh in a press conference in Gujarat's Rajkot, he said, "The people of Rajkot and Gujarat trusted the PM and consider in the policy of demonetisation in the hope that their sacrifice would benefit India Economy. Their faith and hopes have been destroyed. Modiji has misled the trust that Gujaratis had given to him".

"99% of the demonetised currency came back to the banks. It is clear that a lot of black money got converted to white and corruption continues to flourish. One immediate impact of demonetisation has been on job sector. Therefore, demonetisation was an uninformed attack and a disastrous decision for our economy", added Manmohan Singh.

He continued, "I invoke memories of more than 100 people who lost their lives while standing in queues as a result of demonetisation. I say with immense pain and a sense of deep responsibility that November 8 was a black day for our economy and democracy."Manmohan Singh further alleges that people should request the release of documents related to demonetisation."We must demand the government to release all the documents related to demonetisation in public domain for scrutiny", he further said.Dr Manmohan Singh further evaluator the lowering GDP, saying, "To equal the UPA's ten year average, the economy will have to grow at 10.6% in the fifth year, I would be happy if it were to happen but I frankly do not think it will".

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