Radhanath Swami: LOVE OF GOD ...is the real blessing

Jan 12 2018 09:43 AM
Radhanath Swami: LOVE OF GOD ...is the real blessing

One of the most guides Radhanath Swami has cleared that what is true love? And what is the real meaning of blessing? Different people have a different understanding of what a blessing really is. It could be anything...getting a good grade, a nice husband or wife, or money. Actually, everything, potentially, is a blessing if we be familiar with it. If we don’t recognize a blessing and respond it properly, then what appears to be a blessing could be a curse. Sometimes, you beg for a blessing, you get it, and it ruins your life. Yet, the real blessing that the soul is seeking is the blessing of a connection with God’s love. That is the highest blessing — to actually connect with the love of God, which is everywhere, in all situations, if we look for it.

The Christian Bible says, “Seek and you shall find.” Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita,“As you approach me, I shall reveal myself accordingly.” If you are looking for a love of God, the opportunities will grow for you to find it.If not, then even the most beautiful things in life could cause you great frustration, anxiety, and ruination. Real wisdom is to see the hand of God and to be grateful, as a grateful heart can recognize the blessings in everything. Gratitude is one of the essential virtues for real inner prosperity and happiness because it can connect us to the Divine.

 So, by being serious and sincere, being free from ulterior motives, and acting in a way that is pleasing to God, full blessings spontaneously and naturally come to you, as you are in a good state of consciousness to recognize and receive them. When those blessings come, the situations you are in are just perfect for you.


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