Read, What Pahlaj Nihlani has to say on 23 kisses in 'Befikre'?
Read, What Pahlaj Nihlani has to say on 23 kisses in 'Befikre'?

Pahlaj Nihlani has answers of all the query of not chopping off 23 kisses in Befikre as did with Tamashaa and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Mr Nihalani stated, “First of all, there is a difference in the intention and purpose of the kisses in Befikre and the ones you mention in the earlier films (Tamasha, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil). Those earlier kisses were very intimate and sexual in nature, and also shot in lingering close-ups. In Befikre the kisses are used as signs of affection warmth and kinship. And they are not shot in close-ups. That makes a helluva difference in terms of impact.”

He added, “I feel Befikre reflects a global attitude to public affection. Aditya Chopra has made a film that will appeal to young people all across the world regardless of creed, class, culture, colour and race. In that sense Befikre is not reflective of Indian values per se . It’s not a mirror of the Indian middle-class sanskaar . It’s more about how the young, even young Indians, behave when they are abroad and are brought up with different values.”

Mr. Nihlani gives credit to Parisian culture for keeping the kissing scenes, “See, in India kissing in public is still taboo. But in Paris it’s openly done.It’s an accepted form of affection not just for couples in love but also a form greeting between two friends when they meet .We can’t apply our own cultural rules to people outside.”


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