Scientists also say Ganga is the holiest river: Know Why

Indian People who follow Hindu culture believe that Ganga Is the only river which Is capable of destroying every sin of humans. It is said that the river Ganga came from heaven on Lord Shivas call.

In Hindu culture, there is a tradition and belief that after the birth or death holy Ganges water is sprinkled everywhere in the house. Also, if someone is in a state of dying, he is fed the holy water and finally after his cremation, his ashes are then flown in the holy water of the Ganges.

Scientists have also considered the water of the Ganges as sacred. Let's know the religious scientific facts hidden behind the purity of the water of the Ganges.

Ganga flows through natural places, vegetation, from its origin to the plains. Medicinal properties are found in this water. Scientists say that there are bacteriophage viruses that eat bacteria in Ganga water.

These viruses are activated only after increasing the number of bacteria, and after hitting the bacteria, they are hiding again. Since the water of the Ganges is not polluted for a long time. Such qualities have not been found in any other river water. In this way, the Ganges water is going to give a positive effect on the mind due to the religion and on the mind of science.

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