Stop excessive intake of Vitamin A during pregnancy
Stop excessive intake of Vitamin A during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the intake of nutrients should be kept in mind. Vitamin A intake should be consumed in controlled quantities. Excessive consumption of vitamin A can be a threat to both mother and child. Vitamin 'A' is a fat soluble vitamin, which causes more birth defects.

By taking the right amount of Vitamin A, the body is benefited, it does not only protect from headaches, but also helpful in the formation of glands along with the development of the body of the baby born in the womb.

Fruits, oranges, carrots, green vegetables, meat-fish, milk, butter, etc. are found in the egg. About 2500 IU or 750 microgram vitamin is essential during pregnancy.

Eating more vitamin A also causes liver damage and abortion problems. If you are consuming vitamin A then consult a gynecologist. Due to the lack of vitamin A changes in air circulating tube type changes in the child's lungs.

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