The relationship between hostel mates !
The relationship between hostel mates !

In today's scenario all you can wish for is a good roomie. The stunning development in studies tempts the students to go out from their hometown for studies. All alone in a new city, a good hostel mate is all you need, because he/she is the first friend of your's in the city. He/she helps you to get over homesickness, to take care of you in your bad times, to console you during heartbreaks, to correct you when you are wrong.

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What if you don't get a good roomie?

Well not all room mates are good and not every relationship is a happy one.  Let's think of a situation when it's your first day in hostel, you are all tired because of the journey and you come to know that your room mate is sick. When in the situation, you are the one who needs rest and care but have to take care of your roommate.

You obviously won't say a no out of humanity but somewhere deep inside you might get irritated. He/she will keep telling you things to do for them. It might not irritate you if you gel up well, but on the very first day when all you know is his/her name, you won't like it. It's not at all weird but a human psychology. 

But on the same side if you were the person who was sick and you were getting the care and concern you'll definitely generate love for the person, and will be ever-ready to help him/her whenever he/she need so.

So, basically the idea is give love and take love. The relationship with your roommate is an amazing and cherishing give and take relationship!

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