These Dry Red Chillies Totke will give you a powerful solution to all problems of life
These Dry Red Chillies Totke will give you a powerful solution to all problems of life

Red pepper is considered as powerful and with its help you can overcome any kind of problem from your life. By using red chillies, people can take out a bad look and take their business to new heights. There are many tricks associated with red chillies which prove to be very successful and some of these tricks are as follows.

Effective tricks associated with dry red chillies


Get well ill person

If a person is ill for a long time or suffers from a serious illness, then you should put five dry red chillies under the person's bed. You must keep these five dry red chillies inside a white cloth. Taking this trick with red chillies will help recover the health of the sick person.

Vanish evil eye effect

Dry red pepper can also be seen. To take care of any person, take seven red chillies and fill these chillies in a fist and then turn them around five times on the person's eye. After doing this, you burn the gas and put these chillies on it and let them burn. As soon as the Chillies burns, the defects of the eye will go down immediately.

Work with success

If you are not getting any success in any work, then take 21 seeds of red chillies and put them in a Mug and fill this mug with complete water. You rotate this mug seven times above your head and then throw the water of this mug out of the house. The way these obstacles are coming in the way of the success of your work. He will be completely away and you will get success in your life.

Profit in money

To keep money coming in the house and you do not have any shortage of money so that you take these measures related to chillies. According to this trick attached to the chillies, take seven red chillies and bind them in a handkerchief and then keep this handkerchief in your safe place or place where you keep the money. By doing this you will start getting money. You also get the benefit of money by donating dough and red chillies to any poor person and you can also do this trick.

Remove negative energy

On the main door of the house, you put a lemon and red chillies. By doing so, no negative energy will come in your house nor will anyone evil eyes can enter into your home.

To defeat the enemy

At night, you can dig in the soil and put five red chillies inside it, and by putting them, name your enemy name. Then you fill this pit with soil. By doing this trick, you will never get defeated with your enemy. You do these tricks on Saturday only.

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