These Indians are the emperors in the world of technology

Nov 04 2017 08:59 AM
These Indians are the emperors in the world of technology

We are surrounded by technology equipment and gadgets around us but do you have an idea of how many gadgets and technology present around us have been invented by the Indians. So let's know who is the Indian who has raised the name of the country in the world of technology. 

Ajay Bhatt | Founder of USB cable
Ajay Bhatt, the founder of USB cable found in all the locations, including pen drives and USB  drives, is an Indian. Ajay worked with Intel for many years after graduating from Baroda. In the year 1990, Ajay started with Intel, he is currently the Chief I / O Architect in Intel. There are about ten other inventions in the name of Ajay with USB.

Arun Netravali  HDTV 
Today, HD technology HDTV  TV is a contribution of Arun Netravali. Arun studied electrical engineer from IIT Mumbai. Arun has been a major contributor to transforming TV from analog to digital technology and invention of HDTV. Arun has worked at several prestigious places like NASA, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs. 

Narinder Singh Kapani | Fiber Optics

In 1960, Narendra Singh Kapani used the term "fiber optics" in an article written in Scientific America. Narendra is the renowned American physicist of Indian origin, who has made many major contributions in the field of fiber optics. Today, in the digital era, most fiber optics are used in the form of video, data, and technology of voice transmission.

Krishna Bharat | Google News 
Krishna has worked as a Principal Research Scientist at Google. Krishna has worked as a developer in Automated Google News. This technology is completely algorithmic based, in which news from the different portal is collected. In 2003, Krishna was awarded the World Technology Award in the field of Media and Journalism. 

Vinod Dham | Pentium Processors
Vinod Dham is considered to be the father of Pentium Micro Processor, Vinod has given a major contributor to the field of microprocessors. In this development, Vinod has worked as a co-inventor in the development of flash memory, which is today known as SD card in common language. Vinod has worked with Intel at prestigious places like AMD and NCR.

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