Three books every girl should read

On monsoon,a book with hot coffee is great timepass for many but for some of them reading books or novels is favorite hobby of all seasons.So many girls isn’t into books that much. However in your life you must read some books even if you are not a book lover. Here are few books which can give you inner peace to spend some quality time with yourself.

1.Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle khanna:‚Äč

Twinkle khanna an actor and writer too.Writes her book MRS.FUNNYBONES which is full of fun and humorous  observation made by a modern Indian woman. It is exciting and real too! Mrs. Funny bones describes the problems of same age-old every Indian woman and how she face them with different way.It is book for all age women

2.The magic by Rhonda Byrne:

The more youn are thankful to something the more of it you will get, each one of us needs to practice gratitude and be thankful for the things we have. We sometimes forget to do just that- but this book reminds us and teaches us ways to be grateful, always.It will creat some magic in your life too.A definite must read on our list.

3.The palace of illusions by Chitra Banerjee:

The Mahabharat retold ancient story which is taking into accounts the view of the ancient woman-Draupadi\panchali.It is very good for mythological lovers.This book is more than a mythological story because this story shows the courage of women of ancient and modern time too.

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