Using ghee this way can remove the problem of shortage of money

It is believed that God Lakshmi is pleased with the worship and remedies of Mother Lakshmi in some special ways, and always keeps wealth, grains, and happiness in your house. Today we are going to tell you about some such measures to be done on Friday.

1. On Friday, make sure to make urad dal in the food and use the ghee to make it. By doing so, the mother Lakshmi is pleased and your life lacks the lack of money.

2. If you want to please Mata Lakshmi, make milk and sugar mixed together every Friday and make Kheer, and feed this Kheer to five Kanya.

3. Every Friday, offer white flowers in a flowing river. 

4. On 4th Friday, go to a temple and donate sweet and white things to the poor people.

5. If there is a tree of affluence in your house, sit down under it and recite the source of Shree, if there is no tree in your house, then you can sit in the temple of your house and recite mantras.

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