Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update: Romi has an affair with Pooja
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update: Romi has an affair with Pooja

In this episode of Yeh ahi Mohabbarein, Mrs Bhalla tells Ishita that she will get Ruhi married to Nikhil. Ishita is shocked when Mrs Bhalla tells her that she will help Ruhi getting married to Nikhil. Shagun argues and objects her but Mrs Bhalla shuts her down. Nikhil talks to Ruhi on the phone. Parmeet comes and asks him to eat. He congratulates him. Nikhil tells him that Pihu told Riya about the wedding. Parmeet thinks that if Nikhil backs out, his plan to make Ishita suffer will fail.

Ishita tells Raman that Mrs Bhalla is supporting Ruhi's wedding with Nikhil and Raman tells her at least Ruhi change her mind. Ishita tells him that if Ruhi finds out she will get excited and they don't want that to happen. Raman asks her to talk to Mrs Bhalla and Ruhi. Bala says that Amma is not fine and Romi tells him that Mihika will go to Chennai to take care of her. Adi goes to Romi's room and confronts him about his affair with Pooja. Romi says that he loves his wife and he also says that he is only working with Pooja.

In The morning, Mrs Bhalla talks to Ishita about talking Sense into Ruhi. Mrs Bhalla gets Crackers for the kids. Aliya tells Ruhi that she decorated the house with help from the kids. Ruhi says that she is going to Riya's house to give her a gift. Ishita asks if she can come along as she has worked with Pooja. Ruhi agrees to take her along. Ishita and Ruhi reach Pooja's house and ask her about Riya. Ruhi goes inside and Ishita talks to her about her affair. Ishita talks to her about the bracelet and Pooja denies dating anyone from her family. Ishita sees the bracelet and it is clearly different.

Riya asks Ruhi to call Nikhil and she cries to him on the phone. Nikhil thinks that he should get a gift for Riya as well. he takes a gift and goes to meet her and he sees Pooja with her boyfriend. Pooja hugs him and Nikhil wonders who it is. his face is shown in the mirror and its Romi.

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