Fraud with pilgrims in Ujjain, complaint filed

Feb 14 2020 12:04 PM
Fraud with pilgrims in Ujjain, complaint filed

Ujjain: Mahashiv Ratri is around the corner and in such a situation disputes are arising over Bhasmarti. Brokers of free Bhasmarti darshan that take place every morning in Mahakal temple are spreading from Indore. On Thursday, a case of cheating of 13 thousand rupees has come to light from six devotees of Holland for darshan. The deceased priest got a glimpse of Gopal Vyas and offered him obeisance. On the disclosure of the case, the police has filed a case against Purohit Vyas's son Himanshu, his thugs partner Sumit and Manoj Joshi under the Fraud and Mahakal Act.

The same Indian-origin Krishna Sharma lives in the Meli St Street Jatmeet in Holland. He is the manager of an advisory company. The same few days ago, relatives have come with Ambalika, Kirti, Dharmavati, Krishna Devi and Narendra on a religious visit to India. They all reached Delhi after visiting Delhi and Haridhar. Stayed at Malhar Hotel here on Wednesday. In the hotel, a person named Sumit told him about the Bhasmarti Darshan and took a thousand rupees. He said the same: to meet Manage Jaeshi in Ujjain. He will get you awestruck on reaching the temple on Thursday morning. For which you will have to contact Manoj Joshi. He took the three thousand rupees and made the Bhasmati darshan from the sanctum sanctorum. After the visit, Manoj asked for 500 rupees more. The devotees objected that they could not even touch the Jyotirlinga. The opportunity to offer water was not even given. If the dispute increased in both the sides, the matter reached the temple administration. The same devotees have given a written complaint about it. The Mahakal police station has filed a case against Sumit, Himanshu Vyas and Manej Jaeshi in the case.

Pt. Gopal Vyas died four months ago. But the Bhasmati Permission is still being issued in his name. After the complaint of devotees on this matter, Bhasmarti in-charge Moolchand Junwal investigated the case. Three hours later, in the report submitted to the investigation, said - In contact with the hotel operator of Indaiyar, the deceased purohit's son Himmashu Vyas had granted permission. Junwal said that after the death of Vyas, his son and representative have come to take the form for the Bhasma Aarti in his name. The same priest's family Vikas Vyas has also confirmed the demise of Gapal Vyas.

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