A Chess pawn of Rs 415 sold in crores, Know its USP
A Chess pawn of Rs 415 sold in crores, Know its USP

Chess (Chess) bought for $6 (around Rs 415) on July 2 in London was auctioned for Rs 6 crore. It is often seen that old and precious items are sold at a considerable price and buyers make them at a considerable price. Similarly, a pawn of chess has been auctioned for crores of rupees. Let us know what's special about it.

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The chess pawn was bought by a Scottish man in 1965 and is a 12th-century pawn. The name of the buyer of the piece auctioned through art dealer company Sotheby's was not revealed. This piece is 3.5 inches long. This piece of beard has a sword-like weapon in the right hand and a shield in the left hand. The family got the expected price at the auction. The family has auctioned Rs 7 crore. had hoped to meet.

According to experts, this is one of the 93 pieces that were found in 1831. According to estimates, all these 93 pieces would have been made in the 12th or 13th century. All of these are made from the teeth of the volaurus. Of all these 93 pieces, 82 are housed in the British Museum in London and 11 at the National Museum of Scotland. All these pieces were met from Norway. According to experts, five such pieces are still missing. A family spokesman said the pawn had been kept in the cupboard for the past 55 years. After The grandfather passed away, the grandmother gave it to the family as his legacy.

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