A couple slammed on social media for shooting dangerous pics

Mar 04 2019 07:25 PM
A couple slammed on social media for shooting dangerous pics

A travel blogging couple has been slammed on social media after they shared a picture of themselves dangling dangerously from a moving train in Sri Lanka. Raquel and Miguel are popular influencers on Instagram and their page ‘explorersaurus_’ has over 2,40,000 followers on the photo sharing application. However, a picture posted on the page on February 19 has drawn a large number of negative reactions from their followers. Many even called the act “irresponsible”.

The picture has now gone viral on Twitter and Facebook.



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According to reports, the controversial shot was taken by a third person while the couple was travelling on a train through the small town of Ella in Sri Lanka. In the picture, boyfriend Miguel can be seen kissing his girlfriend Raquel on the forehead as she leans her body out of the moving train by clutching the carriage rails. One of Raquel’s feet is seen hanging from the train while the other is positioned on the footboard.

While the picture has been slammed by many users on social media, the couple said the train was moving very slowly and their stunt was not risky. The photo currently has more than 43,000 likes but the negative comments have also crossed the thousand mark.


One user wrote, “ This will inspire more emulators to do this. Dangerous. Irresponsible and all in the name of vanity.”

“You’d risk your life just for a picture? Just so you can upload it on social media? Or do you do this because this gives you ‘the rush’? How is this sensible?” wrote another.

 After the picture went viral, a large number of users slammed Miguel for putting his girlfriend’s life at risk but Raquel wrote on Instagram that her life was not in danger and she was pretty comfortable while taking the picture.

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