Daughter stabbed her mother, know what is the reason?
Daughter stabbed her mother, know what is the reason?

New Delhi: A shocking incident is reported from Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. In this incident, the software engineer killed his mother with a knife, and also badly injured his younger brother. After this, he took a flight to Andaman and Nicobar Islands for a holiday with his male friend. The software engineer and his male friend have been taken into police custody in Port Blair. In this entire incident, 33-year-old Amrita Chandrasekhar had allegedly stabbed her 52-year-old mother on Monday.

According to the police, Amrita had prepared to go to Andaman and Nicobar Islands for the holidays. After first stabbing his mother and brother to stab him, he left the airport sitting on his motorcycle with friend Sridhar Rao who came to pick him up. According to the police, after Amrita left the house, the injured Harish somehow called his relatives for help. Amrita had told this to her mother and 30-year-old brother. Amrita told that her transfer has gone to Hyderabad, and she may have to leave from Bangalore.

Harish told the police that at around 4 am on Monday, he saw Amrita taking out items from the Almarais, then he asked for help, but Amrita refused. Shortly after, Amrita attacked Harish. On the screaming of Harish for help, the mother ran to the room, then Amrita stabbed her with a knife. Harish has also alleged that his sister stabbed him and hit him with an iron rod before running away from home. Amrita had told her mother and 30-year-old brother that her transfer was over to Hyderabad, and she might have to leave from Bangalore.

Giving information about the entire incident, a police officer said, "We are investigating the matter right now. We are yet to know the motive for the murder. After that, a team of police went to Port Blair, and there the local police With the help Amrita and her friend were found. According to the news, Amrita was upset with the debts on her family. As it is not known that Amrita's friend Sridhar Rao was involved in this conspiracy Switch to include or not this whole case that police were investigating.

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