Doctors remove giant fish from man's body, watch video here
Doctors remove giant fish from man's body, watch video here

Beijing: It is true that a lot of strange things happen around the world. There has been a very surprising case in China recently. Doctors have taken the fish out of the rectum of a man by performing an operation. According to the person, he accidentally sat on top of the fish, due to which the entire fish had gone inside his rectum. After this, the doctors had to undergo an operation.

According to the information received, a video and photos are becoming increasingly viral on social media these days, in which doctors are seen removing the blue tilapia fish trapped inside the patient's body. The size of the fish has not been mentioned in the local media of China, but according to the pictures, its length is between 12-16 inches.

This incident took place on Tuesday in Zhaoqing First People's Hospital in southern China's Guangdong province. A man's stomach suddenly started to ache, after which he was brought to the hospital. The doctors did X-ray of the person, after seeing the picture, the doctors themselves were surprised. Doctors noticed that a dead fish was stuck in the man's rectum. The person said that he accidentally sat on the fish, after which the fish entered inside his rectum. However, now the person is completely fine.

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