Man was spending time with girlfriend after lying with wife, gets infected with 'corona'

Mar 19 2020 11:48 AM
Man was spending time with girlfriend after lying with wife, gets infected with 'corona'

London: In Britain, a man was in love with another woman by keeping his wife in the dark of lies. Then what, he got infected with Corona! It happened that the man had left the house after telling the wife that he was going to Britain in connection with the business. But a different picture was going on in Janab's mind. Because the business trip was an excuse, he actually had to spend time in Italy with his girlfriend. But there is also a thing called Karma, due to which, during this secret trip, Janab got infected with the Corona virus.

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According to the report, the man has not revealed his name. But she is around 30. Now due to Corona, she is kept in a separate room. But the wife is still unaware of how her husband got infected by this virus. It was told that the man had gone home from his wife saying that he was going to the UK for a business trip. According to 'The Sun' report, 'after showing signs of COVID-19, the man confessed to the Public Health Coordinator in England that he fell victim to the virus during a secret trip to Italy.

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He later went to the hospital where it was confirmed that he was suffering from Coronavirus. The man told the hospital doctors that he was having a love affair with a woman. When his identity was asked, he flatly refused to reveal the girlfriend's name, while the wife kept herself in a self-isolation in her North England home.

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