A man brutally attacked with an axe over a silly dispute…

Apr 16 2019 02:55 PM
A man brutally attacked with an axe over a silly dispute…

TELANGANA: On Monday, a man in Telangana was brutally attacked with an axe allegedly over a land dispute, police said. The man identified as Kishan, a resident of Markandeya colony in Jagitial is reported to have a land dispute with one K Lakshma, a native of Anantaram. Superintendent of Police, Jagitial district Sindhu Sharma told ANI, "There was a land dispute between Laxman and Kishan as Laxman purchased land from Kishan five years ago and the land was disputed. In the early morning hours of Monday, Laxman attacked Kishan with an axe in Jagitial town after an argument."

He added "The accused fled from the spot. Victim Kishan received severe injuries and was shifted to a local hospital for treatment, doctors said his condition stable,". The police have filed a case against accused under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code. Special teams of police have been formed to arrest the accused.

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It is found earlier that Evie Amati, 26, seriously wounded the man and woman at a 7-Eleven in Sydney in January 2017. She swung her axe at a third customer but did not injure him. Here it is to be noted that amati pleaded not guilty on mental health grounds at a trial last year, but a court rejected her argument. On Friday, a judge sentenced her to a maximum nine years in prison. Judge Mark Williams told the New South Wales District Court "The risk of death was high in each cases and the fact that death did not occur was entirely a matter of good fortune,". The court heard that Amati had been "out of her mind" after consuming drugs, alcohol and prescription medication.

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