Noida: Dead body of young man found in front of DM office

Jan 12 2021 04:32 PM
Noida: Dead body of young man found in front of DM office

Noida: The body of a young man has been recovered in a suspicious situation on a road outside the district magistrate's office in Greater Noida. A pistol has also been recovered near the body. The deceased is shot in the head. The police are considering it as suicide. The deceased youth has been identified as the resident Kasganj. Police have captured the corpse and sent it for post mortem. Investigation of the case has been initiated. This case is from  Surajpur police station area.

It is also a big question of how the young man if he committed suicide, was shot dead outside the district officer's office in the daylight? If the young man committed suicide, he could have been at his home also, Was there no policeman stationed outside the gate of the DM office at that time? That's the big question. The police, on the other hand, are anticipating the issue as a result of economic hardship.

DCP Harishchandra informed that the young man was shot dead because the body was found lying with a pistol. The family has spoken. The economic crunch is being attributed to suicide. Because the young man was suffering from economic hardship, he has taken these steps. After receiving the information, the heavy police force and the forensic team rushed to the spot to investigate. Police have captured the body and sent it for post mortem and are aware of the cause of the murder.

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