In a Stunning Act, Individual Makes Body in Unconventional Process, Baffling Doctors
In a Stunning Act, Individual Makes Body in Unconventional Process, Baffling Doctors

A 26-year-old man with recurrent vomiting and abdominal pain issues visited Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in the national capital, Delhi. He was unable to tolerate any food intake. Senior physician Dr. Tarun Mittal, examining his reports, was astonished to find 39 coins and 37 magnetic pieces in his intestines. However, through surgery, doctors managed to save his life.

Laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Tarun Mittal explained that the patient's relatives had an X-ray of his abdomen, which revealed coins and magnetic items. A CT scan of the abdomen showed obstruction in the intestines due to the weight of the coins and magnets. The patient was promptly prepared for surgery. It was found that magnets and coins were present in two separate loops in the small intestine. Magnetic effects drew the two loops together, causing an obstruction, which was resolved by removing them.

Subsequent examination of the patient's abdomen revealed a substantial accumulation of coins and magnets. After treatment, which involved extracting 39 coins (1, 2, and 5 rupee coins) and 37 magnets (heart-shaped, round, star-shaped, bullet-shaped, and triangular), he was kept under observation for seven days before being discharged. Upon inquiry, the patient stated that he had swallowed the coins to increase his zinc intake, as coins contain zinc, and he swallowed the magnets to ensure the coins stuck in his intestines, allowing for more zinc absorption.

Doctors revealed that the young man has mental health issues and is undergoing treatment.

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