A Man killed a two-year-old girl over a debt dispute
A Man killed a two-year-old girl over a debt dispute

A recent crime case has surfaced in the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. A very dangerous incident has been reported in the Tappal area. The accused had brutally murdered a two-year-old girl over a debt dispute. Yes, and now there has been a rage among people across the country since the incident. The baby's body was found in a pile of garbage in a mutilated condition near the home on June 2, and the baby's body fragments were also missing after he was reported to be in the news. The baby's eyes were on the outside.

The police have arrested two accused in the case. The sit has also been made for an inquiry last Friday. In this case, the family members of the girl have also expressed their fears of rape and after that, the police said based on the post-mortem report, the girl was not raped. Yes, in this case, the police say that the baby has been strangled and murdered. In the case, the police said that the accused Zahid had borrowed Rs 50 thousand from the child's grandfather and 10 thousand of them were outstanding, with Zahid's grandfather on May 28 for not paying the money, after which Zahid had threatened to take revenge on the family.

Having said that, the accused abducted Zahid baby girl on May 30 and put the body in a garbage dump with the help of murdered partner Aslam. Now this case has shocked everyone and this case has caused fury throughout the city.

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