A man Stole motorbikes to impress his girlfriend, was arrested

Feb 09 2019 11:16 AM
A man Stole motorbikes to impress his girlfriend, was arrested

Bengaluru: In a recent incident, officials with the Koramangala police have arrested a 26-year-old man who stole a number of high-end motorcycles to "impress his girlfriend". Identified as one Karthik, a resident of Hosapalya near Bommanahalli, the accused was reportedly arrested a few months ago but later let out on bail.

It is reported that Karthik used to take his 24-year-old girlfriend on out-of-town trips and pilgrimages with the money he acquired from selling the stolen motorcycles. The report further added that the accused continued his crime spree in order to pander to his girlfriend's constant demands for outstation trips.

After police action to arrest the accused, police officials also recovered 10 motorcycles from the accused's custody. Out of these, four were reportedly stolen from the HSR Layout area and the others in Koramangala and Madiwala. Karthik even tampered with the plate and chassis numbers of the motorcycles said an official familiar with the investigation.

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He further added Police officials investigating the matter said that they also served notices to Karthik's girlfriend who works as a receptionist with a private firm. He was married earlier but his wife parted ways with him owing to his criminal activities, said an officer. Karthik also saved money to pay his lawyer in case he was ever arrested,.

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A similar case had come to light in October of last year where a gang of four college students were arrested in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh for stealing over 100 motorcycles. It was later revealed that the accused committed the crimes in order to be able to impress their girlfriends with fancy trips to different parts of the country.

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