A very disappointing decision of Kerala HC on Child sexual harassment case

Feb 08 2019 11:20 AM
A very disappointing decision of Kerala HC on Child sexual harassment case

Thiruvananthapuram: Recently in a case of child sexual harassment case Kerala-based teacher who was accused of sexual harassment by 19 minors was granted anticipatory bail by the High Court. The accused had been absconding after committing the crime but he appeared before police only after he was granted bail. While on Another part of country court announced historic decision relating to the same issue Kerala High Court decision is very disappointing for society.

 According to a report, in November 2018, students of an aided school in Malappuram accused their Urdu teacher of sexual harassment. After receiving complaints from 19 students the school principal took no action. And it is to be noted that after this 50 other students came out in protest and filed a written complaint against the teacher. The students even warned the management to boycott the classes. The accused was the district Vice president for Muslim Youth League. Meanwhile, the school authorities suspended the accused and later he went absconding after a formal complaint was lodged against him.

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 However, in December three POCSO were registered in Malapurram district police station by the school's students. TNM report claims that the anticipatory bail granted to the accused came out as a shock to the child welfare authorities. The Malappuram Child Welfare Committee co-ordinator Anwar Karakkadan told TNM that the sections under which accused was charged were not those which involved penetrative assault (which are the most serious of sexual offences under POCSO). This could possibly explain how he could secure bail in the first place.

 Reportedly, several students withdrew their complaints, political pressure suspected.  An alumnus of the school and a worker of DYFI, youth wing of CPI(M), Ramshad who had protested against the school's indifference, told TNM that several students had withdrawn their complaints, possibly due to political pressure.

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