Minor dispute took the life of a young man, know the whole matter

Jaipur: A critically injured Kashmiri youth died late last night in a quarrel with a partner in Harmada area of Jaipur city. He was admitted to SMS Hospital for the last three days. Post mortem will be done on Friday. Harmada Thanaprabhari Ramesh Saini said that the deceased Basit alias Ghulam (19) was a resident of Kupwara in Kashmir. He used to do catering work in Jaipur for some time.
According to the information, on February 5, he was freed by working in a marriage garden at half-past one in the night. Then something was heard between Basit and UP resident catering employee Aditya about sitting in a magic pickup parked in the parking lot to return home. The dispute about which increased so much that there was fierce fighting between the two. Basit had a deep injury in his head. He was seriously injured.

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According to the police, the dispute between the two youths had escalated into a scuffle. Then Aditya punched Basit in the head. The other comrades present there were rescued and rescued, after which these people came to their respective rooms. Basit's colleagues said that his health had deteriorated late in the night. Then he was admitted to SMS Hospital. He underwent surgery for a head injury. But on Thursday late night, his condition worsened and he died.

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The matter reached the police station of Harmada. Then a report was filed by Sufia, the partner of deceased Basit in this regard. But then the police had filed a case of the murderous attack against Aditya, who beat Basit. After this, Aditya was arrested after questioning. Now section 302 of murder will be added to the case. At the same time, after the post mortem process is complete, the body will be handed over to his colleagues. On this matter, Basit's colleagues say that since the incident, the accused Aditya's colleagues are threatening him and pressurizing him to withdraw the case.

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