Sex racket was going on in the flat, customers used to come every night, then one day ...

Feb 07 2020 04:12 PM
Sex racket was going on in the flat, customers used to come every night, then one day ...

Hazaribagh: The Sadar police station of Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand has busted a sex racket by killing Red in the CDM Shubham Apartment at Khanjachi Pond. Along with this, the police have caught one young woman and three young men in a raid in the raid. According to the information, a sex racket was being run in the apartment.

All the arrested accused are being questioned by the Sadar Thanh police custody. Along with this, the police have recovered many objectionable materials like condom, ganja, cigarette, hookah from the flat. It is noteworthy that CDM Shubham Apartment is the same building where the body of six people of Maheshwari family was recovered together one and a half years ago. The reasons for the incident have not been revealed yet, but it has once again come under discussion.

On the basis of information provided by the neighbors, the police revealed the sex rect by hitting red in the flat. According to the information, the landlord gave the flat to the students to study, but for the last few days, there was a daily movement of young men and women here. If the people living on the Khanji pond suspected it, they informed the police about it. Young men and women taken in custody are changing their names and addresses repeatedly.

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