A most disheartening incident happen with a newborn boy child

Feb 07 2019 09:41 AM
A most disheartening incident happen with a newborn boy child

Lucknow: On Tuesday morning,  A most disheartening instance has come to light from the state capital of Uttar Pradesh where a newborn infant was found abandoned in a garbage dump. The child was found by Jyotsna Sharma, a member secretary of the Uttar Pradesh State Legal Services Authority (UPSLSA) when she was out for a morning stroll and heard the baby cry.

Its found that he was partly wrapped in a purple-coloured towel and left near a garbage dump. The first person to spot the child, Sharma told that the painful sight of a newborn dumped in garbage will remain engraved in her memory for life.However acting promptly, Sharma alerted NGO- Childline through their toll-free helpline number 1098. Krishna Sharma from Childline's Lucknow division along with police personnel Prem Kumar and Ravi Kumar Singh reached to the spot and rushed the child to the Jhalkaribai hospital. Doctors at the hospital say that despite the biting cold and hunger, the baby's health is now normal.

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 Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police (SP), Sarvesh Mishra told media outlets that city police are in the process of tracing the boy's parents. He also said that local law enforcement is urging more and more residents to report such incidents to the police that can save the lives of several such infants who are abandoned by their parents. 

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