A mother killed her daughter with her lover, police suspect on husband

Jun 04 2021 01:15 PM
A mother killed her daughter with her lover, police suspect on husband

A shocking incident reported from Visakhapatnam District, here  a woman along with her lover murders daughter. Let us share here in detail that Boddana Ramesh of Baravanipalayam in Visakhapatnam district was married to Varalakshmi of Marikavalasa five years ago. Ramesh is working as a cleaner and has as daughter Sindhu Sri (3). Here it is to be noted that Varalakshmi's behavior has made her husband suspicious and there have been quarrels between the couple since they got married. In January, Varalakshmi lodged a complaint at the Disha police station alleging that her husband was harassing her and the two were called to the station for counseling. As the quarrel did not subside, Varalakshmi took her daughter and separated from her husband

For your information let us share that Marikavalasa Rajiv has been renting a house in Grihakalpa with her boyfriend Jagadish Reddy from Boravanipalayam since last month. The baby died on the 1st of this month. Varalakshmi said she was taken to the hospital the same night due to illness and doctors said the baby was already dead. The child was buried overnight in the Marikavalasa cemetery. On Wednesday afternoon, Ramesh's family members came to Varalakshmi's house and got into an altercation after she called her husband and told him that the baby was dead. Ramesh complained to the police that the child was killed by his wife and another man together. Police arrived at the scene and investigated and said the child was buried in the cemetery.

However, here it is to be noted that The police went there and recovered the baby's body and conducted a post-mortem. The body was moved to the postmortem. A case has been registered under suspicious circumstances while Varalakshmi and Jagadish have been arrested.

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