Mother of 2 children in love ran away with policeman
Mother of 2 children in love ran away with policeman

Bhagalpur: There is a saying that Poots are puppets, but the mother is never Kumata. But here a mother escaped with her lover leaving her two children. In fact, a similar case has come to light from Bhagalpur in Bihar, where one mother became Kumata and left her two children and ran away with the policeman.

Since the mother's departure, now the children are marrying to stumble from rate to rate and are looking for their mother with a picture of a woman with a father. According to the information, Sulekha Devi, wife of Arjun Mandal of Bhagalpur has run away with the policeman of Ghogha police station, after which since 25 December Arjun Mandal has been pleading with his two sons about the recovery of his wife. During this time, Arjun Mandal told that when his wife ran away with the policeman, he also went to Ghogha police station to complain about it. But the officers present at the police station reprimanded him, after which he has been continuously circling the offices of high police officials and administrative officers.

At the same time, all kinds of discussions are going on in this area. However, whatever the case may be, but the way Sulekha escaped leaving his two young sons, has embarrassed the mother's affection.

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