Heinous: one-day-old girl attacked with knife, intestine also damaged

Feb 14 2020 12:56 PM
Heinous: one-day-old girl attacked with knife, intestine also damaged

Indore: A shocking case of crime is reported from Indore. In this case, one-day-old girl is fighting with death in MY hospital. Doctors said she had multiple knife wounds on her body and no one knows anything about how it happened, who stabbed her, what happened to her, even her parents do not know about it. The parents of the child say that the wounds on the body of the girl have came by their own.

Doctors say that the girl was stabbed with a knife or any sharp object. The newborn girl was referred to MYH from District Hospital, Shajapur, Indore on Wednesday evening and when the doctors saw the girl's wound they also got shocked. After that, doctors informed the police at the same time. There are reports that the newborn's parents are from Agar district and this is their second daughter. In this case, Dr. Chetan Verma of Shajapur District Hospital says that the family brought the girl to us in an injured condition.

He was asked many times how the wounds got there, but he kept saying whether he was on his own or not. In this case the pediatric head of MYH, Drs. Brajesh Lahoti said that 'the baby is on ventilator, condition is stable. He is hit by a knife or a sharp object. He had wounds on the neck, chest and stomach. After the operation, he removed a part of the intestine, which was torn to the inside.

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