Sunny Arya :- A popular comedian famous for his remarkable contents.

Sunny Arya is an Indian comedian who is famous on all the social media platforms like YouTube, and Instagram, people always love his videos because they are full of laughter and he only posts original content which is one of the most important reasons. 


Sunny Arya started his channel in 2019 and He never thought about his popularity and the huge amount of love which people are giving him today and it became possible just because of his hard work and creative mind who entertains millions of people and winning their hearts all over India. 

About his YouTube channel:- 

Sunny's channel on-demand on YouTube with more than 15 lakh subscribers and 20 lakh followers on facebook and he is having 5 different YouTube channels which he is running with his all-creative mind and hard work. 

Fans love for his contents:- 

Sunny Arya videos always cross more than 6 crore views and so many likes so we can guess that he is so lovable and everyone is loving his contents

His fans always wait for his new video because he always try to do something different from the previous one and once the video is out his fans never forget to support.

He is coming across the thousands of people everyday and winning their hearts by his contents. 

His Facebook account :- 

Like all the social mean Sunny Arya also have an account on Facebook which is very popular and getting more popularity day by day through this funny and most entertaining videos

He connects with more than 20 thousands people everyday by his live session where he talk to them and interact with them which shows that Sunny Arya really love his fans the way they do. 

Sunny Arya's love for his fans :- 

He is really grateful for them for their support and so much love. Sunny Arya mostly thank his fans for their constant support because everything he have today is only because of their love and support. 

Sunny Arya nature in real life :-

In real life Sunny Arya is a very energetic and happy person who really love to do comedy and make people lough. He is totally down to earth and a very kind human who always help and support people. 

He helped a lot of people in COVID - 19 Pandemic by providing essential things like clothes, food, wheelchair and so many other things as well which shows his kind and helping nature for everyone. 

Hobbies :- 

Sunny Arya likes to dance, likes to watch movies and likes to prank whenever he get some free time.

So, we can say that Sunny Arya is a successful YouTuber who is gaining popularity and winning everyone's hearts day by day.

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