A shocking festival where people burn the entire city into ashes
A shocking festival where people burn the entire city into ashes

There are many different types of festivals around the world which are special in itself. Their specialty makes them turn away from each other. But have you ever heard of such a festival in which people burn the whole city as well as ashes?

Surprisingly, people are greeted and appreciated for doing this. This whole festival is held in the desert, where after burning everything, the only black color of ash is spread on the sand.

This unique festival is organized in the Black Rock Desert located in the US state of Nevada. The name of this festival is the Burning Man Festival, which attracts thousands of people every year. This time around 70 thousand people took part in it. 

The people who come here make the city on their own and then at the end of the festival, they burn everything in their own hands.

For the first time only 80 people had come to this festival, which started 31 years ago. But later this became so popular that this number has increased every year. People come here and make their own city. 

They make things related to many artistic vehicles and other art. There is also dance-song and exhibition of art during this period.

On the last day of the festival, these people burn the art made by themselves. He does this because of Philosophy here, in which it is believed that the ego becomes ash by burning itself in its creation. 

Here people are given the freedom to live their way. There is no restriction on them so that they can understand the meaning of freedom in the right way. 

There is only one rule of this festival, which is not less surprising. Here, you can not use anything that damages the environment. Due to this rule, there are banners from plastic goods to fuel vehicles. You can just walk around bicycles or on foot. 

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