A student of Andhra Pradesh raped and blackmailed for Rs.10 lakh

Jul 01 2018 10:14 PM
A student of Andhra Pradesh raped and blackmailed for Rs.10 lakh

A 22-year-old engineering student from Andhra Pradesh accused few boys for raping her. After the rape, the student took a video of the rape moment and accused her of cheating her with the video. The girl told the police that in February last year, her two senior men took her to a birthday party. By mixing something in the drinks there, she was forced to eat them and then they raped her together. The two blackmailed through video of that rape. After watching the video, he started harassing and blackmailing.

The criminals are Software engineers in the profession. This year, they have passed out of college. Police filed cases of gang rape and rape against the girl and blackmailing her. Three accused have been arrested, police said. It has been told that they will be sent to judicial custody.

When college got to know about this incident, they did not tell told the police officials about this incident. Their college in Agrippalli of Krishna district authorities did not feel the need to tell the police anything about it. Instead, they asked the accused to delete the video and apologize to the victim.

The college authorities only informed that they would take strict action in this regard soon. But, actually, nothing worked. The police did not know anything about the identity of the victim. However, the mediation between the accused and the interlocutors between the parties has not ended yet. Twenty-two-year criminal shared the video with many of their friends and phone contacts. This leads to more danger in the rape.

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