A teenage girl seizure-induced coma and find herself pregnant
A teenage girl seizure-induced coma and find herself pregnant

In a strange incident, an 18-year-old girl from UK, woke up from a seizure-induced coma to find herself pregnant with a 7 lbs 10 oz baby girl. She had not known she was pregnant before slipping into coma.  Oldham resident Ebony Stevenson had no idea she was pregnant when she went to bed recently with a headache. She soon started having seizures and was taken to a local hospital. She had slipped into a coma. Upon examination, paramedics found that Ebony was pregnant and that the baby had to be delivered instantly.

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However, the teenager had never stopped menstruating, thus preventing her from realising the pregnancy. The unusual incident occurred due to a medical condition called uterus didelphys in which some women have two uteruses and two cervixes, the BBC reported. Ebony, who suffered from the same, did not realise she was pregnant because the baby was gestating in her second womb, hidden behind the original womb. The womb at the front continued to shed its walls monthly, causing her to menstruate. 

Since the womb carrying the child was hidden and toward the back, Ebony's body displayed no visible bump.  Both Elodie and her mother were shocked when the paramedics informed them of the baby they did not know Ebony was carrying. However, according to the report, both accepted the baby once the doctors explained the situation to them and were very happy, indeed. The baby, which was born via a cesarean operation just hours after Ebony's first seizure, is currently healthy and in her mother's care.  18-year-old Ebony who is a physiotherapy student said she was overwhelmed by the incident but hoped that she could continue her studies in due course.  This is not the first reported case of uterus didelphys where a woman exhibited more than one womb. Women with a heart-shaped or 'bicornuate uterus' of te carry babies in one side of the uterus. But in 2018, Jennifer Ashwood from Cornwall, UK, successfully gave birth to twins, one from each womb.

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