A thorn stuck in the skin can become a canker, remove it with these home methods

Splinters, also known as thorns or thorns, are pieces of wood that can puncture and get stuck in your skin. Yes, it is common for them to get stuck, but they are very painful. However, in many cases, you can safely remove the thorn at home. There are times when the injury becomes infected or if you are unable to remove it yourself, you will need to see a doctor. Otherwise, with time, it can become a canker. Now today we will tell you how to remove the splinter or thorn and at what time do we need professional medical health?

Step 1: First of all, it is important that you first wash your hands and the affected area with warm, soapy water. Doing so will help prevent infection, as a splinter is technically an open wound. Also, always inspect it carefully before removing the fork. First of all, see how it enters your skin, in which direction it is going, and whether any part of it is protruding outside your skin. After this you have to take good lighting and a small glass which will help you to see the thorn better. Keep in mind that never try to pull the hook or hook out by pressing it. Yes, it can actually cause it to break into smaller pieces and be more difficult to remove.

Tweezers- You have to take tweezers, rubbing alcohol and cotton ball. After this, first disinfect the tweezers by applying rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball. Then use tweezers to grab the part of the trap that is sticking out. However, make sure to pull him out in the same direction he went.

Small needle- For this you have to take small needle, tweezers, rubbing alcohol and cotton ball. Now first disinfect the needle and tweezers by applying rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball. After that, gently lift or break your skin from where the injury occurred so that you can reach the trap. Then once you've grabbed the part of it, use tweezers to pull it out in the same direction it went.

Tape - This requires very sticky tape, such as packing tape or duct tape. Now touch the affected area very gently with the tape to hold the splinter. After that proceed slowly to stick it with the tape. Once the fork is attached to the tape, gently pull the tape off your skin. This means the string or thorn will be removed along with the tape.

Keep in mind that immediately after removing the fork or hook, wash the area with warm water and soap. Dry the wound thoroughly, and cover it with a bandage.

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